• Health Screening program design consulting and development.

  • Management and Supervision plan, deployment, and budgeting.

  • Comprehensive front-line personnel deployment and budgeting.

  • Online client-specific training development.


  • Experienced staffing and health screening Managers and Supervisors.

  • Direct Management and Supervision of every shift.

  • Single point of contact for existing client departments.

  • Quality assurance and auditing.


  • Experienced, qualified, and trained front-line personnel.

  • Weekday, overnight, and weekend schedules.

  • White-label to blend in with existing client uniform protocols.

  • Queue monitoring, health screening question and answer process facilitation, temperature device result monitoring, pedestrian and vehicle management.


  • Real-time employee management with GPS tracking and geofencing.

  • Full compliance with applicable local, State, and Federal payroll, break, and overtime policies.

  • Detailed time period reporting for all employees.



ATMHS is a joint venture between SHO Services, LLC and Aligned Traffic Management, LLC that leverages over 45 combined years of special event staffing and logistics experience -- more about each company and its leadership below.

SHO Services, LLC is a worldwide event production and crowd safety provider that manages thousands of down-stream personnel at each event.  Founded  in 2011 by Ross Hollman, SHO Services counts among its clients the largest event and concert promoters in the world along with some of the largest touring acts and the events in the world.

Ross Hollman is a twenty-year veteran of the entertainment industry and has had leadership responsibility in multiple facets of the industry spanning from facility operations, sponsorship and premium seating, food and beverage, technology implementation, and safety and security planning.  He is the CEO and founder of SHO Services, serves as the Crowd Safety Director for numerous North American festivals, serves as the Crowd Safety Director for numerous international tours, and has been responsible for public safety and security planning and execution for numerous national events, including the 2008 Democratic National Convention and the 2015 Super Bowl.


Prior to starting SHO Services, Ross served as the President and COO of Argus Event Staffing, providing leadership to over 3,000 downstream front-line security and event staff personnel in multiple states.  Clients included the Denver Broncos, the San Antonio Spurs, the Colorado Rapids, Kroenke Sports Enterprises, Live Nation, and AEG.  He was involved in developing security and safety plans during the opening of the MLS stadium in Denver, Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, and in the redevelopment of security plans for the NFL stadium in Denver, Sports Authority Field.  Before his time at Argus, Ross was the National Director of Operations for House of Blues Concerts, overseeing North American operations, security, and safety at 10 amphitheatres throughout the US and Canada.

Learn more about SHO Services.

Aligned Traffic Management, LLC is a North American parking and traffic services provider that coordinates specialized traffic plans, transportation programs, and traffic and parking staffing consisting of hundreds of personnel at each event.  Based in San Diego, CA and with multiple office locations throughout the United States, Aligned Traffic Management was founded in 1995 by Anthony Carchedi.

While working as a valet for his uncle’s company in the early 1990s, Anthony Carchedi saw the potential for specialized traffic and parking management at live events and started Aligned Traffic Management, LLC in 1995 with only a single restaurant as a client.  For the last 20+ years, Anthony has lead Aligned Traffic Management, LLC to be one of the largest and most respected parking and traffic control companies in the United States and Canada.

As part of his forward-looking strategy, Anthony started additional labor divisions of Aligned Traffic Management, LLC that provide personnel for activities such as vehicle marshaling and access control, staffing hundreds of additional front-line personnel in addition to parking and traffic personnel.

Continuing to increase its client roster and national staffing footprint, Aligned Traffic Management, LLC continues to work with some of the largest corporations in the world, with the largest venue management companies in the word, and on some of the largest events and festivals in North America.

Learn more about Aligned Traffic Management.


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